Why me?

Alright, I understand that apparently everything happens for a reason. And when you do something truely horrible, Karma… the busy yet vendictive bitch that she is will come calling. But really?

I mean why is it that when your head is hanging at it’s lowest and the very task of forcing a smile is so tiring that Karma choses that EXACT moment to f**king shit on you?

I mean, I know that i am probably furthest from the nicest person in the world. Hell, I am far enough from just being nice… but really?

In my darkest hour who is it that i happen to fall upon? Of course… the Illusionist.

Sitting there in the same stupid hat, at the same restaurant as me. Why the hell was he at the same restaurant. Toronto is my town… my turf. Go get your own!! Ugh!

And to make it all worse, he was there with her. Actually i think it was just the shock of seeing her, because there is no way that someone like me would even try to compete with a girl like her.

She is Latex and grungy… setting the illusion that she is hot stuff when in reality the overload of make up and skimpy outfits do little else but make her look cheap and easy… two things that she is from what i have heard.

And me… I am genuine Leather and Rebellious to the core. Why did i even waste my time with you?

I mean i do see the attraction, dont get me wrong. You’ve got those dangerous blue eyes that practically threatened me to look away, and that knee buckling smile… and the smell of you was enough to intoxicate me.

But you were sexy to me… gorgeous and something i had to cover my mouth to keep from talking about and i was just cute. CUTE? are you serious dude? How old are we like 9? I’m not cute, and to keep from calling me anything else just proves to me that you dont deserve me.

So yes Karma… I get the message loud and clear. But i have never been one to take things lying down… I’m always on top and in charge 😀


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