The Ugly Truth

So i went today, with a handful of friends of mine, to see the movie ‘The Ugly Truth’. Basically the plot had someting to do with the downsides of a relation ship and the differences between Man and Woman when it came to being together.

On one hand there is the woman, who seems to approach the relationship with her heart. And on the other, there is the man who approaches the relationship with his groan. One has her heart and mind in the relationship, the other has the promise of sexual advance in mind. And naturally… it got me thinking.

There is so much truth to this movie, yet they applied the same typical romance movie ending. How is that fair to us? The people who live in the real world knowing that there is no such thing as the ‘happy’ ending they lead us to believe is at the end of all the dilemmas in our lives. And what’s worse is that they are instilling that hope in our minds and in our hearts.

Happy endings… real or just movie material?

I mean how many times do you get throw around or thrown away before you get this cloudy disposition that makes you completely negative, disbelieving of this whole ‘fairy tale ending’ the movies preach to us. For me it only took once or twice.

I dont know, i guess we cling to the desperation… wishing that what we see, what we hope for is not a silly dream or motion picture.

I dont know, but i vote fairy tale.

Aside from the whole thought… i did have fun with three of my good friends!


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