Taste of the Danforth 2009

DanforthSo just like every year, I was at the Taste of the Danforth Celebration. And i have to say that all in all it out did itself.

There was food everywhere you turned, the people werent half bad, and there were rides galore for the kids. But let’s be honest, its not how the place set up, it is all about the people you are with. And i was with the best of the best… Naturally!

Hmmm… cover up the names for my blog?

I feel in this instance it would be stupid and a waste of time because they know who i am with, and in reading my blog would have uncovered the witty names and whom they applied to. So no, i will mask them when their actions need their names hidden.

So for now, I was with some of my good friends from work: Anton (the father of my imaginary child… and no, i’m not crazy), Jordan the witty and hilarious guy with absolutely no cut off points with his dirty jokes (me likey), Melissa; someone who has been there for most of my work meltdown… and some of the meltdowns that happen outside of work ( i may be a tough tom boy, but meltdowns still happen), and Jeff… i feel like there is no other way to discribe him beyond that. Never the less… he is awesome though!

Oh yes, also we met up with my sister/my rock Tenisha and my little brothers.

Ok, so the food was great, there were plenty of hot guys to feast my eyes on (well maybe not plenty, but enough to keep my eyes wondering and my frisky fingers somewhat busy… haha) and the atmosphere could have used a bit of work, but im not complaining.

I dont know what it is about being with people who will just… let you be you.

The little things that on your own would no doubt drive you dangerously close to insanity barely rub at you, and the heartaches tend to disappear even if only for those few hours you are together.

All in all i felt like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders and i could do nothing else but be who i am… completely RIDONKULOUS!

Aside from that, i always love gathering like Taste of the Danforth because there are so many people i bump into, so many friendships that seem to be renewed just by bumping into people. And i have to say, if there is one thing in this world that i will always want more of… it’s friends.

I dont know… friends are like good days; you can never have too many of them.

I always love the feeling i get when i see someone who has been inactive in my life for a long period of time. It is a cross between pure excitement, with a taste of anxiousness. I dont know if they have changed or if i have, but there it is… the chemistry that you hope will always be there. And you just clicked. I dont know, that to me is like a little bit of magic.

And who doesn’t love magic??

That’s right… NO ONE, except for depressed losers who will not be named in this blog.

So that is it… the taste of the… oh wait. There’s more!


So i wanted to meet up with a bunch of friends i hadnt seen in awhile. It felt like i was playing musical chairs with them, whenever they were at a place it was either a place at the opposite end of where i was or where i had just left from. I… someone who almost never gives up cut my loses and went on with my wandering with the friends i had come with… who soon after left me:(

So unfortunately i never met up with a high school friend named Tim, but i did meet up with several other people i knew in highschool who were made up of PURE AWESOMENESS, so i guess that makes up for it.

Ugh, its funny how you go on with your life unaware of how much you miss someone until you see them. Well i just dont understand why i didnt keep the people i ran into tonight closer at hand. I think my hard times would have seemed better with someone like Kevin shedding perverted light on everything.

Haha… Love you Kevin!

And Dini… he is awesome. I dont know, he is like that person who you could talk to about the deepest thoughts in your mind and heart and then turn around and talk to about the most random garbage you can think of. He is that kind of person, so universal, that it just makes sense to want to talk to him about EVERYTHING…

All in all… i give today a 8/10.

Room for improvement of course like any day, but im not greedy enough to care!



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