Knight in Shining armour vs. Asshole in Tin Foil

Someone Better...
Someone Better...

Guys… it seems like every moment one walks by i am tripping over myself. All giggly and girlie like the typical high school girl.

And soon after we meet, we speak, and soon after we speak, we get to know each other and soon after we get to know each other, i am depressed to find out what an asshole they turned out to be.

So it begs the questions: Is this guy the worst preparing me for the best? Or is he merely someone preparing me for someone better? Either way, will there ever be that person that i have built up for myself in my head?

It is depressing to sit there alone and think to yourself ‘What if this is it? What if there isn’t anyone who will be the best for me, but simply someone one step better then the last?’ and if you keep on moving up on the steps, moving closer and  closer to someone who has more and more of the qualities you look for, will you eventually get to the proverbial finish line?

Nobody wants to believe that all they have, everything they complain about is about as good as it is going to get for them. They wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning without the lingering promise of something more.

What would be the point?

To live their lives as they were with no promise of something better. Fulfilling their dream to land their dream man, and live happily ever after… or something like it. It would be impossible to push all those ‘wants’ and ‘dreams’ aside to settle for the stupid little ‘wanker’ who sets his eyes on you and thinks that he can hold onto you forever.

They play games with your mind, your heart and dont seem to care whether or not all that you are begins to unravel under the constant pressure they put you under. The heartache they so openly inflict on you. It seems like you are in a never ending cycle.

You open your heart to someone, let them break it and then walk away. And then with your head held high, clutching to the broken pieces of you heart as you promise yourself you will never do it again. And then you turn the corner, and BANG… slam into yet another one.

Eyes fogged you tell yourself that this is the one… if not the one, he is so different from the last that this time it may work out between us. He fools you for a while, and then you end up right back where you were the last time. It seems like it is all the same, nothing ever changes, it always seems to end the same way.

So again it raises the question.

Are there any such things as Knights in shining armour, or at the end of the day, when your heart is heaviest, are you just stuck with another Asshole in Tin Foil masquerading as your Knight in Shining Armour?


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