Dr. Seuss Gone Dirty

Alright, so as weird as it sounds my twisted mind has somehow managed to turn Dr. Seuss’ rhyming into something sexual and dirty.

Dont judge me, im not the first one to do it! lol


But anyways, thanks to my great friend Saphire, we managed to get a little sex-ting done to a friend of mine. A very hot friend of mine who i would gladly… let’s maybe not get descriptive of what i would so gladly do to him. But i did learn just how dirty people… other than myself, thank you… can be. AND I LOVE IT!!

So just in case there were questions floating about to whether or not you could carry on a full and very sexual conversation entirely in nursery rhyme format, yes it is not only possible but enjoyable. And i’ve done it. I have popped my dirty Dr. Seuss cherry! haha, something i wasnt aware we all had until..

We’re going to just continue calling him Dr. Seuss.


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