A Crush or Something Like It

I don’t want to say that i never get crushes, because that would be an absolute lie. I am a girl, as much as i like to prove to the guys otherwise by guzzling down twice as many beers as them, running farther and faster, and taking a hit better then they would even think about, i am still underneath it all… pure girl.

Well maybe i am a little bit watered down, but you get the overall picture.

I get the normal crushes; movie stars that i know i will probably never get the chance to meet, musicians that somehow not only touch my heart but manage to reach right in an caress my soul, friend crushes… which if you dont know what they are it is when you have a friend that you admire so much you like to hold them closer then a family member…

But it is rare for me to get a mortal crush! Full flesh and blood, that i have more then a chance with and that if i wanted to i could go for.

So this is ENTIRELY new to me. If not new, it is still pretty foreign.

He is awesome, smile that always makes me smile. Mischievous, with something sexual and perverse always on the brain… just like me. He is fun, and easy to be with, adventurous, teasing… everything i would usually not let myself fall for… or at least lie about falling for.

He opens my eyes to things that before him i would never even consider. But i have done something so stupid, and that is wander into the friend’s zone.

This is more a conversation i would have with the guys, when we are all drunk and going on about some hot chick with a banging bod that we didn’t jump right on, and now we are stuck in the friends zone. A place where not many make it out of because that person now considers you a friend… nothing more!

I’m sure girls get the concept too… i just haven’t talked to any about it before.

Well thats what i have done, i have so foolishly stumbled into the friends zone, and even if i knew how to get out i am not sure if i would. I am being such a CHICKEN!

Yes me, the girl who went streaking past the police and got a warning for it. The same girl who jumps from cliffs into water that is way to shallow and who will do anything imaginable just for the satisfaction of saying i had done it… i am being a chicken over something so simple as getting a guy…


I now realize why i dont like crushes… i dont know where to go from there!


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