A Day in the Life of the Weary

Im usually obnoxiously upbeat, smile on my face and dancing around to my own tempo… but lately that upbeat and annoying to everyone else tempo has turned a corner and ended up right smack dab in the middle of negative town.

Dark and ominous is the new tempo i seem to not be dancing to but hanging my shoulders to, and it is driving me so crazy.

I hate the whole dark colors, depressed with life, and wishing for something better thing. I have very rarely gone down that road in my life, and i would like more then anything to escape this phase. The last thing i was is to become stuck here and end up as frump girl, or something of that caliber.

It’s weird.

Because first off, i have come to terms with a lot in my life, changed what i didn’t like, let go of what was holding me back and accepted all those little things that i will never be able to change. I feel somehow new, and refreshed. This refreshed feeling should not be accompanied by an urge to slap the crap out of people who annoy me, start fights for no reason and strangle those who for some reason can’t see the obvious reasons why someone as high strung as myself would want to strangle them.

What is this?

Im angry for little or no reason, stressed to high hell and somehow have become unhappy?? NO WAY!!

Well i can just imagine how my friends are taking this because i can hardly believe it myself. I guess i am just at that point in my life where every little thing i have ever kept inside, pushed back, and smiled about is bubbling to the surface and begging recognition. And i will have no choice but to acknowledge it as it makes me so irritable it is so hard to miss. I’ve become that person…

The one with the repressed anger that goes on day after day until it all becomes to much and just snaps… of course i would never do the whole holding everyone hostage at the grocery store… it would take up way to much of my time and lets be honest, i never go grocery shopping, but i am becoming rather dreadful.

I guess i just need a change… time to do something dramatic…


who wants to join me?


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