My Sweet Escape

So everyone has this dream… or at least a passing thoughthat comes up every so often. Usually when their rope has reached it’s end and their life which has become so routine, begs for a change. The dream, where they pick up everything, all that they are, and hit the open road.

No time lines, no rules. Just you, and wherever you want to go is where you go.


The freedom of the wind blowing at you through an open window, loud tunes that are made just for you playing on the radio as you sing along and let the weight that has been building up on your shoulders for however long just slide off. This is your now, and you can play it out however you want.

Well these thoughts… this dream has become ever more frequent in my life. I grab my keys off the dresser, push clothes into a bag and then jump in my car. Sunglasses on, casual and relaxed i drive away and set my heart on anything that is away from here.

Do i need company? No, but if there is someone that wants to come i am all for it.

I plan on going somewhere fun and as reckless as i feel. I want to make my way somewhere where the rules wont change me, and there is no way that i can’t leave with an impression on me.

Where will i go?


One day soon, trust me!


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