This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

How do you know when you are in love?
Now before anyone gets any sappy ideas, no i am not in love. But it did occur to me however that a lot of people claim to be in love all the time. We have young artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez who sing songs about it at like 15. So my question is do they even know what they are singing about? Have they ever really been in love or is that just the type of songs that sell records? And are you too young for love?
I have people who have kissed their teeth at these songs and been like :’What does he know about love? He’s like 15 years old…”
But is it experience that makes love that much more obvious to you… do you really get better at loving someone with age?
I for one, know absolutely nothing about love. I have never seen genuine love, never seen love funtion the way it should before. I have seen dysfunctional relationships, and even worse ideas of love so how would i know what it looked like? My guess is that love could come and bite me on the ass, and i wouldnt even know about it.
I would be blissfully unaware and call it something else, because i dont know what love is. I havent felt it… i’ve felt things that i thought could be love, i’ve felt feelings so strong that u felt like i was going to be knocked off my feet… breathless… but is that love?
HOw am i legitely supposed to know


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