Live Like Music

So i heard this song… heard it?Live like music

I just about remembered it from start to finish. I know every word, every musical moan, every chord. It’s a song by Alexz Johnson, and it’s called Live Like Music. And every time i hear it it’s like something inside me awakens, something that i didn’t think could be brought to attention by a song.

But Alexz sure knows that she is talking about.

I want to live like music. Every moment of my life to the soundtrack of my heart. I want to be moved so completely and vibrated with such emotion like that of the song….

If i could live like music… god just with even half the amount of beauty that manages to fill one song. Have you ever heard Ludwig van Beethoven’s 8th? i closed my eyes and i could almost see the beauty. It was enough to rid my lungs of all oxygen and knock me flat on my ass… it was just that moving.

I just want my life to mean as much to one person, as that song has meant to the millions. I know it is unlikely that i would effect the masses with my life, my personality and my mean and sometimes rather sharp edges… i would at least like to make the smallest differences, meant the world to one single person.

Even for a single moment… one second out of my whole entire life.

I want to Live Like Music.


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