ChooseYour life isn’t an already published book on the heavily filled shelves of God. I mean, i am sure he has a book with your name on it, but all that is printed in that book is your yesterdays.

Because believe it or not, destiny isn’t something that has already been decided for you. It is something that you have to decide for yourself.

It’s about the choices.

You can sit there on your hands and let a series of events transform your life, write it all for you, as you sit there and do nothing but complain about the turnout. But do you really have any right to complain?

Didn’t you just sit there and watch this all take place? Why the hell didn’t you do something about it? Decide whether or not you wanted it to play out that way and change the situation to suit you?

It’s all about the choices and the thing that drives me so crazy, like climbing the wall crazy is when someone just decides not to choose. They just let the people around them choose for them and then wonder why they are not happy. Well how the hell could you be?

You chose not to choose and now you are stuck having people choose those things for you.

The only thing you have for yourself is the ability to determine whether or not things are good enough for you… and if you want better… long for it, you have the right to make the choice that will either improve your life or leave it lying on the floor in a heap.

All the choices i make, are the ones i thought at the time were going to make me happiest, even if only for that deciding moment. Or if they hadnt made me happy i had at least thought that it would make for a fun ride.

Ugh… what am i trying to say?

I just want people to decide for themselves. Nothing hurts more then standing beside someone while they decide that they are not going to do anything to make themselves happy and knowing that there is nothing you can do for them.

Win or lose baby, it`s all up to you. Unfortunately you are going to have to step up and choose…


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