Full Circle

I guess when people told me that ‘all that goes around, comes around’ I should have paid attention. Because it does you know, it all comes back full circle no matter how hard you try and jump the tracks of it all.
It starts simple enough: BOY LIKES GIRL…
Of course if all the girls in the world had any sense they would open thier eyes long enough to realize that this is the moment. Th one they will close thier eyes and wish for evey single moment of their lives after she let’s this chance pass her by.
What happens next?
Because her eyes weren’t open and she didn’t see what was right in front of her. She let him slip her by putting him under he title of ‘friend’ and nothing more. She didn’t like the boy when she had he chance to and now they stay in the friend zone.
Then one day while they are joking and playing around, being totally as they always were, she will look at him. Really look at him and think ‘this guy is really great… Really, really great!’ and it hits her. Just like a truck.
She likes him… She really likes this guy. He was everything she was looking for but he showed up when she wasn’t looking.
And she was stupid.
But it’s too late, boy doesn’t like the girl. The chance had passed and she sits alone killig herself because she let him slip away.
She should have listened when they told her that eveything that goes around eventually comes back around.


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