*Romance NOT Dead*

It’s funny the way things progress.

Clearly i’ve told… written about changes i have made throughout my life, but to actually watch and feel then progress…

It’s a feeling that i can only describe as pure intensity.

I went ever so quickly from someone who was a closeted romantic, an even more so doubtful romantic; someone who would see romance and sigh but never pause to actually wish for it. Because i knew that life wasn’t a fairy tale, and more often then not the Prince never came at the end of the story. I thought the idea was cute, but too far from the truth to actually hope for anything similar.

And a long streak of bad luck didn’t seem to help things. There were guys who whispered sweet nothings in my ear, the ideas of love in hopes that i would all too quickly shed my clothes and spread my legs. The romance they stirred up all disappeared when i didnt immediately fall for it. And then there were those who held onto me tightly, not wanting me to walk away from them until they got their chance to find something… someone better. And then there was lost love…

I think even a blind man could see where i am going with this. I had the a plain maybe even gloomy cloud, and i could look see other people with their clouds and the silver lining shining brightly through, but i just didnt see that happening for me.

Romance… with no hidden agendas was dead.

Or maybe the whole reason i thought it was dead was because i had only heard the movie and story book version. I had never seen real life romance. And i hadnt know what it would feel like or that it would be so simple.

Romance is just like everything else is life; it is what you make of it, and it is different for everyone.

I think i am a little old fashioned in the sense that there is nothing more romantic and breathtaking to me then a hand written letter. It doesnt even have to be well written, or made of magic and poetry; it just has to be from the heart with promises of forever and reminders of how we were… how we will be. And even better, every single line will be filled of anticipation, and their longing to see you again.

But if you have no one far enough to recieve a letter from, even those cute little hand written notes; the ones that are one line but seem to mean so much, are a very good substitute.

I don’t know, the way things feel for me right now i just might start believing in all that ‘romance’ junk i once swore was a lie.

Romance, i am starting to believe, is not dead.


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