The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed

My grandma always told me, with a look of wisdom in her eyes, that all good things in life take time. And until now I had always believed that to be 100% true.
Good things… Come to those who wait; but for the past two months I have been doing everything BUT waiting and I’ve got to say sometimes when your heart wants something badly enough, all the good things will just come to you. No waiting required.
Two months ago I was the girl with the lead blocks tied to her feet, watching everything pass me by thinking that I was forever destined to be waiting.
And now?
Now I’m the girl with rose colored mist in her eyes, butterflies constantly fluttering in her stomach, and wings on her back… And I’m no longer waiting.
You know that guy that you read about in all the love stories? The one that evey girl’s heart longs for because he is perfect in all his little imperfections? The one that can make you feel like a million bucks and manages to pick you up when you fall, even withot knowing it?
The Knight in Shining Armor who not only manages to capture your heart, but will hold onto it carefully and with more love then anyone you could have wished for. Well that was what… Who I was waiting for. Desperate to see if such being existed.
And I’ve managed to find him!
It reminds me of a quote I once heard and fell deeply in love with: “In life we were all given TWO hands to hold, TWO legs to walk, TWO eyes to see, TWO ears to hear, but why only ONE heart? Because the other was given to someone else for us to find <3" and I can honestly say that I think I've found it.
He may not be everything I thought I wanted, but he turned out to be everything I never knew I needed!
It's crazy…
In such a short time I seem to have found everything I had stopped believing in and has all but given up searching for. This to me is magic, in real life. And I try and thank God for him every day.
He makes me feel like every single day I spend with him is the best day, and like FOREVER is a real thing that I don't have to be a fool to wish upon. I feel like a child does taking his first steps or murmuring his first words.
The world is so full of possibilities, and anything seems possible when we are together.
A couple months ago all I had hoped for was friendship…
To be his friend was all I had ever wanted; to be his lover was all I ever dared to dream… And to be his… And have him be mine was something I thought I would need some sort of magic to accomplish.
I realize now that I was blind before, but now with my eyes closed tight my heart sees more clear then my eyes could have ever hoped to see.
He is what I never knew I always wanted… He is the Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed!!


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