Promises, Promises


So one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone makes a promise with little or no intention of keeping it. But at the same time i can see the logic in it all.

Making promises makes us feel, even if just for a moment, like you are connected to that person. And for someone who never get the chance to go out into the world socially, they jump at a chance for that. And for the people who are social every day, it makes them feel like the relationship between them and that person is important, important enough for that person to trust in them and ask for their word.

I have sat on the sidelines for the most part.

Never feeling the need to make any promises of any caliber to anyone, because i have never really believed that promises were something to be kept.

I’ve had so many promises made to me that weren’t kept, that i could fill a series of Encyclopedias with them. Not that i would ever want to, who would want to relieve promises made to someone who honestly believed that they would be kept, and who was later heartbroken when they weren’t? It was too often for me that i had promises broken, so often that i dont recall a promise kept.

So here i am, making a promise to myself, one that i will surely keep. Why not? There is no reason to let myself down!

Let’s see, promise number one: I will not get the in way of my own successes. Something that in the past, i have done way too often. Like with publishing my work, for instance. I have written a number of novels that now sit in hardcopy on a shelf, or saved somewhere or another and i keep telling myself that i will work extra hard to have them published. And then a while ago i met with a publisher, got all the facts and talked myself down.

I didnt know whether or not i would become the next great author, and for some reason i wasnt sure whether i was good enough, and i was afraid to even test the waters.

So first and foremost, i would like to get that done.

Secondly: I will not be a pushover when faced with situations that i feel strongly about.

At my last job i had a certain amount of pull and i never really used it for anything. I never fought for changes that obviously needed to be made, and would have made it easier for everyone that worked there.

And then, because they knew they could push me until i was worn and torn, they worked me as hard as they could and right while i was on the brink of collapsing in exhaustion, they fired me… why? Because they knew they could. But i will no doubt write more on that later.

Thirdly: Happiness comes first!

I dont want to say always, but quite often in the past i have let myself fall down a dark dirty well of depression with no thought of climbing out. I let the greyest of all clouds surround me and wafted in my self pity when i was feeling low. It has only been recently though.

I would say that these feelings have only been in the last four years or so.

But anyway, i dont want to let myself get there anymore. I am a glass half full kind of girl, and i am vowing to at least try to go back to my old ways!


So i am not going to get too out of hand, even the longest of journeys starts with a single step as someone great once said. So i am going to take three steps and make three promises to myself. Most of them pretty general, but it is way better to generalize that way there is less reason for you to NOT commit to it.

Fingers crossed for me people, as i try to keep my promises to myself over this year


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