A Little Stir Crazy

So I can honestly say I have way to much time on my hands.

Enough time on my hands to go from quirky and weird to perhaps a little insane. I feel as though All this time by myself is causing me to have a sudden urge to bash my head off the wall for no other reason then at that point in time I had nothing else to do.

I am always fast paced, going a mile a minute. Which is why someone very close to me calls me Hummingbird. Because I tend to always be moving, even when it looks like I am standing still. So to go from the rate of a hummingbird to the movement of a slug… you have got to see what kinds of crazy I am becoming.

Every day is the same, even when I do something different.

A random list of chores, sleeping in, and debating whether or not I will or even can do anything different that day. The only thing that keeps me from jumping out my window (sure it is only a one floor drop, but you know what I mean) is my writing. Because even though I am sitting on the same bed, the same floor, the same chair when I write, the stories are always different. They are always moving, doing something adventurous that makes me envy the very characters I write about.

I have been applying to the places that interest me and feeling no need to apply somewhere else. I have worked in the same place so long that I forgot how hard it was to find a job. Sure I could do the things that people look to me for such as Camp Counsellor, Nanny, or something along those lines. But I’d rather not have to dabble that deep into the line of children.

It will make me into a mom long before I ever dare to become one.

I could apply to be a Vet’s Assistant at a local clinic because I love doing that and I have done that before. But I don’t know if i will be able to find a clinic where I fit in so well, where I felt like I had my own little medical family.

Man this is rough, but i will have to find something soon, because if not I am going to go completely and totally crazy!!!


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