A Proposal From The Heart

So after going through a romantic movie marathon which included the classic movie Pretty Woman, Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, and One of my very favourite Irish Romances Leap Year i got to thinking. The wedding isn’t the most romantic part of the relationship, is isn’t walking over the threshold after a marriage and it isn’t slipping on a wedding band.

The most important and memorable part of any relationship aside from the meeting, is the proposal.

Think about it, when you are gathered with your friends talking about the magical love that has flourished over the years you don’t sit there and go on about how wonderful your florist was, how cute the flower girl was and how as soon as you saw your fiancé standing there you knew it was the rest of you life.

You talk first about how you met, how you looked into his eyes and either fell in love or how you thought he was obnoxious but eventually he grew on you. And then, shortly after, you tell them about the moment that took your breath away. How he took you to a place you loved or took you out to walk the dog. And then took you completely by surprise when he pulled out a ring and asked you the most important question of your life: ‘Will you marry me?’

And then I asked myself, how would it be done? How would I be asked that would completely take my breath away, something that I would cherish for the rest of my life?


I have to say that recently my all time favourite romance movie has been Leap Year. I am obsessed with Irish Culture and love the idea of proposing to your fellow the 29th of February on the rare leap year. Of course every girl, no matter how cynical, wants to be the one being proposed to.

One of my other fascinations besides the magical hillsides of Ireland is most commonly known, the rain. So I think my magical proposal, no matter where it is be it Ireland or not, would have to be 100% without a doubt, perfectly proposed to in the rain.

Of course with a creative mind like mine, i can describe the even to a T.

Out walking the dog(s) late one night when theres a roar of thunder in the sky and a flash of lightning.

Of course with my love of the rain I stop to wonder in the magic that is a rainstorm. Taking my hand, I am pulled  back towards our apartment building and out of the rain.

I drag on, wanting to take my time and dance in the rain. I want my clothes to be soaked through and my hair slicked to my face. There is nothing to me more refreshing then the rain, and I want to bask in it.

A laugh, as he tries harder still to pull me.

I shake my head and turn around in the rain, dog(s) dancing about my feet.

Eyes closed, I have my head turned up to the sky taking in as much of the rain as I can. Enjoying the feeling and allowing the drops of rain to seep deep down into my very soul.

He clears his throat.

Eye’s open now, I look down.

Mouth gaping open as I see him on the floor, supporting himself on one knee as he looks up at me. A nervous grin on his face as he holds his hands outstretched to me and in his hands… a box.

This would of course be the moment where he says something that takes my breath away. But it isn’t what you would think, it is not a speech about love of forever. It is not the quote that I hold so dear to my heart, but something far more important. Something from the first moments as a couple, something that started us on our journey together that resurfaces now as we start on yet another one.

Nervous as he was the night he told me he loved me, he smiled looking deep into my eyes. Shaking the hair back from his face, he looks at me and murmurs something that steals my heart all over again.

“Are you nervous?”

A smile breaks out on my face as I dive into him then, the answer obvious as I press kisses all over his face. As he holds me tight against him in the rain, i shake my heart and whisper with my lips pressed up against his. “With you… never!”

100% personalized for us, and 100% perfect!!


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