Pushing Your Way to the Top

There are time, in life, where it is necessary to push your way ahead, so that you can prosper in the life you choose. It is a long way to the top, and sometimes you must push others out of the way so that you can get there.

It is a hard thing to do, push people out of the way, and it is something that will change the person you are into the person you want to be, or will become. That is why it is so important that you make sure to push for the right reasons, and to get to the right place.

It is humorous to me to see people pushing for something so remedial. For example, it is perfectly fine to push your way to something better. Push your way from a temp, to an intern, from there to law school, and then push to become a lawyer. You will no doubt push people out of the way that were working just as hard, or who deserved it more. But that is life, and to be great you push unfortunately fight for it. Doctors, writers, photographer… they have to push to be on the top, and in the end it almost always pays off, hey, you are now doctors, writers and photographers, good for you!

But to push people out of your way, climb over them and knock them down for something as ridiculous as to be a Gift Shop Team Lead at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Toronto? Are you on crack? Because clearly you must be.

To go from being new, building trusts and making sure that everyone you work with accepts you, invites you into their friendship circles and calls on you for comfort and companionship to bad mouthing them to the fascist upper management which later results in those people getting fired…. how far have you fallen.

It’s steps like that which people take to become less then people. It’s actually quite ridiculous!

And all for the shitty job that has bad hours, little to no benefits, and no appreciation for the job you do. Wow, you have really hit the lottery on this one girly, i completely understand why you would mow over people to get there… i hope you note the sarcasm.

It’s actually quite sad, but you give someone an inch and they take a mile. You give someone the smallest amount of authority and all of a sudden they think that they are above the people who they have once called friends. Suddenly, little Hitler emerges from the little blonde that wanted so badly to be included. The same little blonde that used to laugh and joke with you… now she gets rid of every one different and makes sure that the only way available for people to think and act is her way… sound a little familiar? I’m almost certain that the Jews and Gypsies are still holding grudges over someone who thought and acted exactly this way…

It’s just all a little ridiculous.

People are like coins, all you have to do it toss them in the air and they can switch sides. Sometimes, no matter how hard or many times you throw that stupid coin in the air, it never quite goes back to the side you wanted it to.

Heads you’re wonderful, Tails you’re an ass kissing bitch working to screw over all the people that helped you get to where you are today…

Curious, i wonder what side the little blonde is stuck on! I’d bet my life of Tails!


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