The Change in People, and The Change in the World

I’ve always been taught that on the worst day, there is always someone out there trying to make it better. That when I have fallen, and don’t know how I can pull myself through, if I look there will be someone there to help me get up and keep trying.

There is a balance in the world, good vs. bad, happy vs. sad. For every frown there is a smile, for every push there is a pull, every smack there is a kiss. And for the most part, in my life that has been true.

But people in the world are changing, there are more vindictive hurtful people now then there are those that will go out of their way to brighten a single moment for someone else. There are more people that would love to watch you struggle, then there are those who can’t stand to see it. And it hurts my heart to say it, but there seems to be more despair and heartache out there then there is hope.

People are changing for the worse, and as they do this they are unconsciously changing the world.

Suffering will replace happiness, people will sink instead of swim, and the world will wither and die. All because there are too many people that will push you out of the way instead of assist you, too many people with vicious whispers instead of open smiles, and too many people who have forgotten the value of family, friendships, and putting other people above what they want.

It’s a sad thought, something that makes me see movies where the world is ending and humanity is being wiped out as a good thing. A modern day story of Noah’s Ark coming into play, the world is ending, people are dying and everything must be cleansed. And why shouldn’t it?

I’ll tell you why, because as often as I see horrible people doing horrible things, gang members shooting young kids who don’t know any better, animals being abused by people who didn’t want them to begin with. People pushing to get on a bus while a lady in a walker gets ignored and pushed past. The amount of bad people in the world today is countless.

But then you see the good, that single person who stands up while others refuse to and lets that woman on the bus sit down. Who sees the first person laugh at the kid who fell off his bike and stops to help him up, the one who adopts the dog who will be difficult to care for because of a life time of abuse. And seeing that is enough.

Enough to instill hope and believe that anything is possible.

It’s like watching a baby takes it’s first steps, or it’s first breaths. A baby bird being hatched or just anything so magical. It’s seeing innocence surrounded by those who have lost their way and just knowing that it would be enough to change at least one of those people.

It’s unfortunate, but people are changing for the worse. I see it more then I would like to, and those are the people who can change the world.


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