What the F**K Happened To Responsibility?

Ok, I am seriously sick and tired of people shucking their responsibilities out the window.

Last time i checked, when you have a f**cking kid that means that you have to step your game up, throw all your childish behaviour out the window and try and be the best that you can be for the child that you helped make. What makes guys think that they can get a girl pregnant and say that they are going to be the greatest dad ever and then six or seven months into the pregnancy they go full circle?

Well that is just BULL!!

How is it that your child is throw two baby showers and you show up to both with no gifts, and at 3 months old you have yet to buy anything to support the growth of your kid. Like what are you doing with yourself>?

Oh, I can tell you… at 22 years old you are too busy dating a girl who is still in highschool and allowing her to occupy all your time. And why not, she lets you be a kid and won’t ever ask you to be responsible for anything. God forbid you get her pregnant though… because then you will disappear just as quickly as you popped up.

Like, it drives me completely crazy. Every cent earned by the mom goes towards the baby, making sure that he has the best life possible while you are popping in and out of your baby’s life once, maybe twice a month.

Some people just need to grow the f**k up, before someone else steps into the picture and knocks some sense into you!!! Like… HONESTLY!!


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