7 Months

So I can honestly say that in my lifetime, the longest relationship I have ever been in; that is to say actually been in and experienced not just saying that I was dating this person but never seeing them; lasted just under 3 months… if that.

I have always been the kind of person that dated really casually. I didn’t have boyfriends, I had people I was seeing for the time being until i figured out what I was going to do. Usually what that meant though was I was using them to fill my time until they started to bore me.

I have never been the relationship type, but to be fair I have always been super honest about that. When people talked about forever, guys I have been seeing spoke about wishing they were in a long relationship I would very openly tell them that wasn’t me. I was for the here and now and I didn’t look beyond that.

But somehow, by some miracle I have lasted happily in this relationship for 7 months and am looking forward to going even further. 7 Months!!

Funny thing is that when my boyfriend Kyle was trying to get to know me, he was talking about forever and having a relationship… a worthwhile relationship with me I told him that I honestly couldn’t promise him forever, but what I could offer him was right now. He told me he wanted forever and I honestly couldn’t dig down deep enough to give it to him, I didn’t think I could.

But, he managed to steal my breath, give me permanent butterflies fluttering around my tummy, and completely stole my heart. And i can honestly say I wouldn’t dream of taking it back from him!!

So this is just an update to say, that today on June the 15th I am celebrating (however internally) my 7 month anniversary with the man that I love!



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