Countdown Coming To An End!

So the countdown is coming to an end to a very important adventure in my life. Anyone who knows me or doesn’t know me but reads my blog knows that I have not been one to jump on the relationship wagon quickly. I was even more reluctant to do things that made the relationship worthwhile or mean something such as Dom Dom Doooooooooooommmmmm MEETING THE PARENTS!

Jumping the gun, I have not only fallen in love, been in a seven month relationship, moved in with said lover (tee hee) and done numerous other things i swore i would never do in a relationship, I am not doing the unthinkable. That’s right… I am meeting the parents. And that in itself would be a HUGE deal, but that is just the cake, I have yet to ice it. See the adventure would have been going to meet his parents and worrying whether or not they approve of me and like me and such, but in fact that is not the scariest part. What’s scarier? You ask…

Well I am leaving our cozy little nook in Toronto and going ALL THE WAY to NOVA SCOTIA to meet them.

Good? Well, I have yet to figure that out. Kyle of course, being as in love with me as he is, claims they will love love LOVE me. But you know, it would be so much easier going in to all of this with the ability to run home when it all went sour.

No, I will not have the luxury.

Scared? SHITLESS!!

But there is still 9 days to get over this big fear or to you know, slip into a fear induced coma. Since Kyle would kill me when i awoke, I am gonna do the first of the two.

So although the countdown is just starting on my blog, it is coming to a close end in my life. Since both Kyle and I have begun counting this down months ago.


Will keep you posted!




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