Law Abiding Citizen Review

I may be more then a little bit biased in my review because I have always had a certain soft spot for Gerard Butler, add the distressed widower factor and I am completely weak in the knees.

But this movie gets FOUR STARS from me.

It starts showing what a family man Gerard Butler’s character Clyde is. He is sitting in a room with his daughter while they make beaded jewelry together. A knock on the door has him going to check as he thinks it is fast food arriving. Long story short, not wanting to get into the whole heartbreaking scene but what started out as a robbery ends with his wife being raped and murdered followed by his very young daughter. I would put her at about eight years old…

It then cuts to ten years later while the prosecutor Jamie Fox’s character Nick Rice is shown, his true personality put on display as he refuses to go for the full life sentence for the second man who was front and centre in the murder of both Clyde’s wife and child because he doesn’t think the odds are good that he will win and doesn’t want a loss such as this one on his perfect cases won or whatever. So he cuts the guy a deal and he ends up with a mere 5 years.

Cheated by the law, Clyde (Butler) decides to take the law into his own hands. Using all of his resources to it’s full extent, waiting a total of 10 years before taking action. After first taking the life of the man who took his world from him, he sets about a number of tests for Nick (Fox) to see how well he can follow the rule and to see how good his word is worth. Nick, thinking this is all a plan of vengeance holds disrespect for Clyde telling him how he is tarnishing the image of both his wife and child. All along this is not at all about vengeance but in fact a plan to take action on a flawed judicial system where murders could so easily be set free onto the streets.

Throughout the movie Clyde is one step ahead of the game, making sure that he is laying out the ground work to take out all people who had a hand at his case ten years before.

It ends with Nick finally pulling one step ahead and turning one of the tests on Clyde. He tries to persuade him to forget all of this but when he can’t he sets off yet another of his plans which was a cased bomb that Nick had removed from its original location and placed under the bed in his solitary cell at the prison where Clyde is being held throughout the movie.

Locked into his cell, Nick leaves him to burn in the bomb he had made to seal the fate of the mayor. The movie ends with Clyde sitting on the bed, the room being engulfed in flames as he holds the bracelet his daughter had made for him which reads ‘Daddy’.

I do like this movie, very much. The message was very good, it shows a flawed system and how that can effect the people who get the short hand of it all. Although Jamie Fox’s character was both the villain and the hero in some cases, i have to admit that i was disappointed to see him come out victorious at the movie’s end. To see someone so family oriented as Clyde have to lie there tied up on the floor while watching his family brutally murdered, I figured he deserved his justice, regardless of how vicious it was.

I was hoping he would be the one victorious, but it was a relief to see him die at the end. Surely if they hadn’t killed him after all of that he would have taken his own life. He wanted to be heard, teaching Nick the lesson of making deals with murderers, and end up with his family. And he could only fully do that in death!

LOVED THE MOVIE, Definitely a must see!!


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