Children: A Product of the Parenting.

So it occurred to me today while at work (at this super awesome bridal store outlet on Orfus Road called Your White Dress) that maybe what is wrong with the world, all of the world’s problems that are a result of the people and their actions can all be blamed on said people’s parents.

Think about it, let’s start with people who are in gangs who do little else but post up against walls making lives scary for all who live in that neighbourhood toting guns and slinging drugs… do you think they would be on that corner, threatning those people with guns tucked in the front of their pants if their parents had raised them right? Been more strict with them and good morals of right and wrong were set tightly for these people?

No, of course not. Those guys wouldn’t even think about it, because they would know that if their mother heard of such things she would come around that corner with nothing but a tight fist and knock him on his ass, drag him from his spot by his ears and beat the life from him. Some people would call that child abuse, but i think raising your kids in such a strict fashion and letting them know from young how they can and can’t behave will ensure them a good future.

So today while at work, some women came into the shop with two very badly behaved kids. They were doing everything from screaming and running up and down the aisles like wild animals to jumping on the couches, hitting each other… the whole nine yards. And while watching these children i was just disgusted. All i kept thinking was what my mother would do to me if i had behaved that way.

My mom ran such a tight ship when i was a child. My sister and I would see how other kids would behaved, and what all the spoiled kids would get away with in surprise. Our eyes open wide and our jaws touching the ground at their behaviour.  Throw a tantrum? Wouldn’t dream of it, my mom made sure that we were always well behaved. We dare not act up in public and embarrass her, or it would be our ass.

And it’s wonderful. I will never in my life do drugs because i know that if my mother ever found out she would beat me, and even at 20 years old i fear the woman. Bad? Hell no, this is what will keep me on the right track, make sure i never get arrested or in trouble. Make sure I always make sure i am living stable, never stray or become homeless and such.

Why don’t all people raise their kids this way? Imagine how low the crime rate would be if all those gangster were hardworking doctors, lawyers, hell Walmart Employees… just trying to live the straight and narrow because they knew what their mothers would do to them if they even thought of doing otherwise. It would be marvellous.

So when i saw the mother not only letting her kids behave this way at a place of business but actually ENCOURAGING THEM, i was disgusted. With both their parenting as well as their lack of class. When the other sales staff tried to restore some order, they were called racist and everything from bitches to dirty white whores and such. And i was just, again no other word to describe it other then, disgusted.

How dare they? I am so sick of ignorant black people who let their children run amuck and act like children themselves. Do they even see the larger picture? Can they see their now 6 year old son ten years from now sitting in a cell because of their behaviour? No because the level of unintelligence in these people are unmeasurable. And what’s sad is they are the stereotypical black people. They are the first people to call someone racist but they are also the cause of it all. Rude, loud, and obnoxious black people who yell at people for no reason are why certain people of every race do not like black people. And me as a black person (halfsies) am so freaking annoyed by this.

How dare you tarnish a whole race of people by your behaviour?

Ugh, these are the kind of people that are no only violent but they are the ones who push others to be violent as well with their behaviour. No, stupid ignorant people, we are not being rude to you because you are black and we are racist, we are being rude to you because you have absolutely no class and are disrespecting us… how the hell do you expect to be treated?

Well maybe if their parents had instilled great qualities in you such as respect, moral, and class you would not behave this way and we would not hate you. Simple as that. Parenting determines the bulk of us…


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