Risked it all with the Kiss

I never noticed before how something as simple as kissing could be as dangerous as running in traffic. It has the power to set your life on the path that you’ve wanted for so long, or it can send you spiralling out of control, what you want just an image in your review mirror.

From the outside looking in you would probably consider something like a kiss as the smallest of gestures. You see them all the time, couples hand in hand, lips touched, eyes closed. It’s just another day when you see it, so why consider it something special?

Well when you are lying in bed with a friend, watching a movie and all that is going through your mind is ‘god i wish he were single!‘ you start to understand the big risk in the little kiss. And you sit there fighting with yourself, wondering if you want to put yourself in a position where you will be the dreaded other woman, or if you want to try to kiss him just to see what kind of guy he is. You want to learn more about his character, will he let you kiss him and kiss you back and just be the cheater? Or will he pull away and tell you that although he doesn’t like where him and his girlfriend are right now, he wouldn’t want to hurt her that way.

Ugh, you think to yourself. If only it were so black and white. He kisses you, bad guy. He doesn’t kiss you, sweet guy and awkward situation. No, it isn’t like that at all. Especially knowing that he had been pursuing you from before he started dating this girl and had you said yes he wouldn’t have thought that you weren’t into him and he would have been with you. And there would be no risk, there would just be… you.

But it was late, the movie was doing little to pique our interests, and the risk came into full play.

You want to kiss him but you know that kind of guy he is, at least you think you do. And you don’t want to risk falling for this guy after this kiss and then having him be noble and giving up what he wants for the girl he is already with.

But we are here, and i want to live in the moment. I want to kiss you and see if there is something there. If there is anything worth risking it all for.

Butterflies, thats all i feel as i look at you, debating.

F**k it all.

Just when i decide i am going to go the distance and kiss you, you kiss me first. My head is fogged as i get drawn down into the kiss, all i want is here and i have to have it now. Damn the consequences!

I didn’t care what would happen tomorrow, what would happen the day after and if we would ever even be together. I knew that you had a girlfriend, i knew that you would try to do the right thing given the chance. And i knew that when you chose to do the right thing, i would be completely out of the picture. But i also had hope. And i hoped that just this once, i could have my happy ending.

So i closed my eyes, moved closer, and Risked it all with a kiss!


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