[ Blog Stories ]

So I started a blog short story a couple weeks ago, or maybe days… i dunno I am no good with time. But that’s not the point of this post. This post is to direct all those looking for that story to where I moved it.

You see I was going to do the story just as regular posts that I would continue with each post, but I figured with my regular blogging still taking place it would become frustrating for all those who have started reading the story to find the following entries since they would appear randomly all throughout my home page, and it would confuse people who would just read the latest entry and havent read any others since it would not be in order.

So… I have created a new page from my drop menu at the top titles the same as this post : [ Blog Stories ]. This is where you can find the new story.

Also I was going to tell those curious what it would be about but i figured it would be more interesting for me not to have an actual outline for the story and just continue it as I feel the day of the entry. So no spoilers people… even I dont know how this will end.



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