Not Like The Movies

It starts with a look.

No matter what movie it is, that is how the love always seems to start. It may not always seem that way, sometimes it seems as though is starts with an annoyed conversation, someone knocking something over, a friendship that had been strained for years, but that isn’t really the beginning. That’s life, it’t the moments that have to take place so that you can be standing where you are supposed to. Standing there looking at him, while he looks at you with nothing but pure love in his eyes.

And that is the movies.

Almost every romance movie no matter how different and laced with comedy they are, they all have that moment. That moment when an annoyed best friend who has nothing but platonic feelings for her best friend of eighteen years looks at him, and for the first time she really sees him.

Or when a girl who is the most lusted after, the most popular looks at the geek who is giving her a helping hand with one thing or another after actually spending time with him and getting to know him realizes with one glance that popularity means nothing, and all that she has doesn’t matter because she would risk it all to spend one more day with him.

These are the movies.

And after years and years of watching these movies, watching these moments all misty eyed with a hand clutched to my chest and a sloppy grin from ear to ear, i think every girl can admit that she dreamed of a very similar moment, and longed for the day her prince would come. I know that I can’t speak for every girl out there, but I can speak for myself. And I know that I have been waiting for him, comparing each relationship I have ever been in to the movies I hold dearest.

Movies like The Notebook, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, A Walk To Remember, there are countless movies that make me weak in the knees. Eyes shining up at the brightest star as I practically beg God for something even half as magical.

Kisses that stop your heart, take your breath away, and pretty much knock these women off their feet.

But kisses like that just don’t happen. I think it has something to do with comfortability. You fall for someone, and you get the butterflies, you get the giddiness, and you even get the look. But once that honeymoon phase is over all those things that fooled you into thinking that this was a fairytale, just as magical as the movies you were so envious of, were not as great as you had thought. And had they been, it just makes you look back and long that those days were still here.

I can’t say I know for sure, but I think guys settle in once they have won you over. They think all the work that has to be done has been, and they can just fall into routine forgetting that we still want that fairytale. And the relationship you were once doting over changes from the fairytale it could have been to the cheap reality sitcom.

As much as it pains me to say this ladies, real love is not like the movies. But Katy Perry definitely had it right when she tells us all that if it isn’t like the movies, that’s how it should be.

Guys, wise up.


2 thoughts on “Not Like The Movies

  1. kimwyote

    I love your writing and I always used to feel that way too but then I was lucky enough to have my movie come true. My husband and I dated, were in love, and then were broken up for 3 years. Having not seen or spoken with eachother at all…I was waiting tables at a restaurant and had to run out to my car to get something. He was pacing outside the doors trying to figure out what his opening line would be. We’ve been together 12 years and I grow more in love with him every day. My best advise for everyone is don’t settle for less than your very own movie.

    1. shayejay

      I am very glad you enjoy my blog, to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure there was anyone out there reading it.
      Reading about you and your husband was a highlight to my day. It’s wonderful to hear that little girls out there hanging Snow White’s words: ‘One day your prince will come’ actually stand a fighting chance. Because as much of a cynic as i may come off as, I believe in love and fairytales and all that jazz, i just wish they weren’t such a rare thing.
      Every happiness to you and your husband, something as wondrous as the pair of you are sure to last.
      I hope you keep reading. Cheers.

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