Dance With Me?

I had a memory the other day of back when I was about ten or so and I went over to my friend Matt’s apartment. It was cold and it was snowy, and I of course was miserable. Socks soaked through, I sat down at the kitchen Island and we talked over some hot chocolate and some cookies.

His mom came in and joined us, telling us about how her day was and asking us about school.

I remember his dad coming home, just as soaked as I was minus all of my sour demeanour. Shaking off the snow, he dropped his briefcase on the floor by the door, chucked off his boots and came into the kitchen. Smile plain on his face, he grabbed hold of Shirley and started spinning her around.

They were dancing.

The moment was so unreal to me, I just didn’t understand it. He had come in from horrible weather and all he had wanted to do was grab hold of his wife and dance her around the kitchen to music that only the two of them could hear.

She laughed, and poked fun at him. “Oh, Richard. You never were Patrick Swayze when you danced.”

And it didn’t bother him, he just nodded. “I try my best to be Patrick Swayze for you! Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

It was unheard of to me. People just didn’t do these things. If anything, he would come home in a mood and they would fight about it, that is what I was used to, but not this.

As I remembered this the other day, I sat there smiling and all I wanted at that moment was for someone to love me enough that they would dance to me with snow in their hair and a smile on their faces quoting movies I had probably forced him to watch. There was something so romantic about loving someone that much.

I wanted that!

I want Kyle to come home with a smile to me and dance to no music. I know he isn’t much for dancing, but I want him to dance for me.

I could so easily throw away money, cast away all that I own, my dreams and beliefs, for someone who would love me enough to just dance with me. Uncaring of how silly they looked, and whether or not they would step on my feet. Not needing any coaxing, or music. All he needs is me, because I make him so happy that he just wants to dance.

He is my dance, while he dances with me to a soundtrack only our hearts could hear.

Now that is something that makes me sigh out loud!



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