A Baby for Her…

Too often in this world, us girls forget that the happy ending in all the fairytale, although greatly exaggerated, is in some form possible. We forget that there is such a thing as being happy in love. And because our beliefs in the happy ending is shaken, we fall for the antagonist of our story. The guy masquerading as our knight in shining armour, all arrogant and obnoxious.

We tie ourself down to this guy forgetting that one day, we could possibly find our prince. Unfortunately though, when that day comes we will still be tied down to our Gaston instead of discovering we could be in love with the Beast, and he is the prince we have been waiting for.

Too often then not, in this life I see those girls. The same ones that used to twirl around their bedrooms just like me wishing for the prince that would whisk her away and make her ever so happy, I see them with their Gastons, unhappy and stuck. And unfortunately, in most cases I see them with a baby.

How heartbreaking it must be to know you deserve better, you need better, and to be stuck in life with him. He overlooks you, and doesn’t appreciate you. And there is nothing to fill the emptiness you feel with him but the tears. The tears of years of emotional abuse, of cheating and lying.

If there is someone better for them out there, they wouldn’t dare look for it now. Because now they are no longer the princess the prince would be looking for, instead they are the maiden with a child. A child of the antagonist of their story who would always be popping up.

Not at all like the fairytales because there is no way to be rid of him. Not now, there will be no battle between the two where the prince would triumph and your bad boy would vanish with his tail between his legs never to be seen again. Because in real life when you fall for the wrong guy, you have sex with him, and when you have sex… sometimes there is a baby. And once there is a baby, the man who makes you miserable and beats you down is in your life almost for good.

Where is the fairytale that would prepare us for this life?

The princess waited for her prince, but along came a rogue determined to steal her heart. And he did for a time, pretending that he was wonderful. But as time passed, the rogue changed, and the princess fell out of love. She would spend her time wishing that she had waited for the prince, and not fallen for the handsome bad boy.

But as the princess clutched at her swollen belly, she knew it was too late now. There would be no waiting for the prince, there would be no time. For nine months from now a baby would be born, a baby that belonged only half to her, and half to the rogue. 

How the princess wished she could turn back time and turn a blind eye to the rogue, ignore him and not fall for his arrogant charm. See him for the mistake he would be. 

No, there are no fairytales like that. No fairytales to prepare so many women for the life they end up living. And why would they write those stories, they write for the happily ever after, not the misery that life can sometimes be.

And me? I write those stories for them, as I watch and smile and try to convince them that it is not all that bad. Because I know that is what they need to hear. Because they have given up on fairytales and will stay with their Gaston as he does nothing less or nothing more then eat away at her.

But what is a princess to do, when her mistakes are made and she has fallen in and out of love with the bad boy. And there is nothing else but a baby for her?


One thought on “A Baby for Her…

  1. It was her decision. This happens as a result of girls allegedly liking “bad boys.” I don’t think this prince should rescue jack. It was HER decision and she has to suffer for it. This bad boy isn’t to blame either. He’s doing what he’s suppose to be doing … being bad. That’s why foresight is so important. Many young women should read this especially the ones who are “on the verge.”

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