A Heartbreak

“Please,”Every moment leading up to now played through her head. “Don’t go.” She reached for him, trying to hold onto the pieces of their life she knew were already too broken.
“Why should I stay?” His voice was distant, and she couldn’t help but feel as though he were already gone and all of this was just a formality.
How could she tell him?
How could she possibly find a way to put everything that was in her heart into words? To bring him back from where ever he had already gone to, and keep him here?
She inhaled deeply, knowing that if she didn’t try she would lose him forever. “Every time you go away my heart stops beating, and I feel as though I am not alive anymore. Being with you gives me life. My heart…” she knew how silly she must sound. “Feels as though it stops beating.”
His brows furrowed, his eyes searching hers. “Stops beating?”
She could tell he was waiting for her to explain, to further convince him that their love was still there. “Yes.”
“If your heart stops beating, how do you survive when I am away?”
He was away so often.
She found there was more time with him away then there was time here, and she tried to tell herself that every trip actually was a business trip, but she knew better. She knew better and still she didn’t want to let him go, she wanted to keep him forever.
Maybe if she could convince him of her love, things would change this time.
“I can survive for a time, with the promise of your return.” SHe swallowed hard, as her throat tightened.
He looked at her, “And if I left… with no promise?”
The word tore through her.
They had been together for so long, all she knew of love was him, and he was all she wanted to know.
She looked at him, her voice pleading. “If you left… I feel like that would be the end of me. Would I die? No, but I wouldn’t be living anymore.”
He watched her then, trying to figure her out.
She could beg him, could fill hours telling him how much she loved him as she had countless times before. The look on his face told her it would do no good.
Looking at the way he watched her, the unfamiliar look in his eyes, told her that the love that had once completely filled them, had been their reason for living, was gone.
She wasn’t sure what had taken place of their love in his heart, but he didn’t even look at her as his wife, his life, not even as his friend. She was just a person to him now, and the light that had always caused a spark in her own eyes, had gone completely out.
He didn’t love her, not anymore.
She felt so helpless, her love for him still filling her to the brim, making her eyes glass over at the very thought of him walking away.
And that is when she felt it.
Like a bullet to the chest, it shocked her, robbed her of her breath and had her gasping.
Looking at the man she had loved almost her whole life and loved still, she knew she would watch him walk away.
This would be the moment she would remember always, she realized as she looked at him through blurry eyes.
One of the last moments and memories she would spend with the man of her dreams, one that she would always feel the full impact of.
This was the exact moment she felt her heart break.


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