A Fragile Heart

Hold onto my heart with gentle hands, for it’s fragile and easily breaks. 

You hold onto more than just a life, and if your fingers slip, so much more you will take. 

Speak kindly to me when it’s wounded, and whisper sweet nothings to ease the pain. Don’t ignore it when the beats are fading, when it’s feeling low and grey. 

Hold the hand of the woman whose heart you hold, and press sweet kisses to her cheeks. Don’t say ‘I love you’ only as a response, and reassure her to push her fears away. 

So often as a love progresses, and time passes by and by. 

He forgets the little things that won her his heart, and no longer thinks he has to try. 

It’s not that she will wander far, or that she will look to love from another. But she will sigh and hold in a cry as he becomes ever so careless with that heart in his hand. 

Fingers once so soft and gentle, create a damage they can’t understand. 

They squeeze too tightly on the beating heart, of the woman who trusted and loved. And as the time passes by and by, she looks to the skies up above. 

She doesn’t know who she is praying to, or what guidance she needs to be whole. But as she wonders if she is still loved, that tender heart blackens and she becomes old.

She wonders again through days and days what would have happened if he had known, if he had not grown so comfortable in their love, in their routine, their life and their home. 

If he had cared as he once did, when the love was shiny and new. Her eyes would be dry, and her heart would be whole instead of blackening and blue. 

She was a fool of this she would admit, to give her heart to him. 

So easily he forgot to cherish the heart, to whisper ‘I love you’s and press kisses to her skin. 

She finds herself wishing, and hoping for more but knows that she will never walk away. She will stay with him, in this love that breaks her, and when there is nothing left of her still she will stay. 

In hopes that when tomorrow comes, and the sun rises nice and high. His hands will loosen, his eyes will lighten, and he will transform back into that guy. The one with gentle hands that held onto a fragile heart and knew what was at stake. 

Knowing what he held was love in the heart of a naive girl, who was giving her life away.


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