Broken Pieces

He walked alone through a crowd. They moved against him, like a fish swimming upstream.
Rebellious against his will, he stood out like a sore thumb in that crowd. It was as though everyone had gotten the memo; which way to walk, what colours to wear, how to act. Everyone had gotten this memo except him.
It had been this way for as long as he could remember.
For every right, he had been wrong, for every up he had been down. He had tried at one point, to blend, to fit into the puzzle these people were creating, but try as he might, he just couldn’t fit.
He’d love to believe he was different for a reason, that he didn’t fit because he was born to stand out, but for what?
He would be taking a step into adulthood soon and had accomplished nothing.
He was sure there was a time in his earliest of years when he had fit. Had fit perfectly into his family, had fit in the arms and hearts of the people who loved him, he had fit so well he had walked with the crowd.
Something had happened, when his soul was young and his heart was hopeful that had broken him, chipped away at his shape so he could no longer fit.
What he had once fit so perfectly into had fractured, slowly cracking despite his efforts to hold it together. He had tried, he remembered trying but he was so small, not strong enough to take on a problem so big.
As his little fingers struggled to hold onto something so big, he watched the fracture turn into a break and then watch those pieces slip away.
It had broken and now it was completely gone.
A rebel against his will, he didn’t fit anywhere, couldn’t if he tried.
He hadn’t learned how.
Maybe he was supposed to learn from those pieces that had broken away from each other, they were supposed to teach him the important things like how to fit, how to know right from wrong, and how to love.
Things that could make or break a good life he didn’t know and couldn’t fully understand because no one had taught him.
Two pieces…
Broken and never fully becoming whole again.
Those pieces had taught him the wrong side of everything.
How to put up walls, how to take short cuts and cheat, how to struggle, how to be alone and how to break, those were all lessons taught by two pieces.
It was because of those two pieces he walked alone, afraid to trust and afraid to even try.
Rebellious against his will he walked alone, shrugging away from open arms and warm glances. He didn’t know what to do with those things, he had never learned.
Every day he walked alone, feeling as though nothing would ever change because he didn’t know how to change things.
Under all that rebelliousness and behind those walls hidden so well even he was unaware, was hope. A hope that one day someone would come along that would teach him how to change, teach him how to try. Maybe then he wouldn’t be so broken, maybe then he’d learn how to love.


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