The Beating Drum

Thump, thump, thump.
Like a beating drum hard in the calm of my soul, the loud bang haunted, tormented.
My hands reached up to cover my ears but did nothing to bring me close to my dear friend silence once more.
I missed my friend, sweet friend.
Hope rose at the thought of him missing me.
Dear silence.
Thump, thump, thump.
My ears ached, or maybe it was my mind inside them.
I could never silence the drum being so angrily beaten. I could not because it didn’t come from outside, but came from within.
Thump, thump, thump.
Desperate hands clutched at ears that heard the sound too well, felt them. Why was I so viciously ripped from my dear friend silence, and why was that damned drum working so hard to keep us apart, lonely, depressed.
Unable to take the angry beating, it’s rhythmic droning defeating, I did all I could.
On shaky legs I lifted myself from my place in the shadows, huddled low in the darkness is hope that I could hide from that wretched drumming.
How it haunted me. Reminded me of something lost, something once so beautiful, withered and death, that lay in ashes for a single moment before being blown away in the wind.
Gone forever, yet in its place was something dark, a memory burnt deep within the place from where the ashes blew.
Thump, thump, thump.
A cry of agony escapes me as the sound becomes to painful, the torment unmeasurable, the memory, a hot fire that burns my very soul.
On legs wobbly, scarcely able to hold up the exhausted weight of my torment my lips twisted into a smile.
There was only one way to escape the wretched beating, to unleash a noise much louder than the thumping.
A hysterical laugh escaped lips that only moments before had been trembling. Trembling in fear, trembling in pain, in remembrance.
Now they laughed, as the whispers of madness rushed in competing with the drum.
It was the only way.
Only madness could scream louder than the tormented drumming of my broken heart.


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