Path to Happiness

I know where happiness is.
To get there you have to follow a path.
The path is poorly lit and paved with cobblestones of heartbreak and insecurity. Mixed into those cobblestones are bricks of struggle and pain.
The path is poorly maintained, so watch your step. You may trip over some fear of self discovery and lies, hardship sticks out carelessly to make you lose your footing, and tears stay in puddled pools to dampen your shoes.
So many people walk down this path. They get stuck, give up or lose their way.
Little do they know that if they moved slowly, get over the cobblestones of heartbreak and insecurity, take note of the bricks of struggle and pain so they can move past them, carefully step around the fear and when you stumble and fall over self discovery, lies and hardships get up and dust yourself off.
Don’t fret too much about the puddles when they seep into your shoes, they’ll dry and with time you’ll forget why they were wet in the first place.
Keep walking, and learn from the steps you’ve taken so far.
Don’t give up, you’re almost there.
Push forward a little while longer, with your head held high.
You’re on the path to happiness, and once you learn the path, you’re already there.


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