Always Wear A Smile

“Always wear a smile.” He said.

Even when you’re feeling down.

It looks much better on your face, 

Than those mopey eyes and frown.

Always laugh instead of crying,

When something weighs heavy on your heart.

I know it’s hard, but just keep trying,

Until you have to part. 

And when you’re alone and feel like weeping,

Still hold those tears in tight.

For so much character you’ll be building,

When you fight this fight.”

So smile through her pain she did,

Even when the pain was too much.

She held those tears in night and day,

Reminding herself to be tough.

She held in her true feelings all the time,

Like putting an old toy up on a shelf.

She wore her happy mask too often,

She forgot how to be herself.

Keeping herself hidden,

She kept wearing her smile like a lie.

No one knew the broken girl inside,

Not even when she died.


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