Tall, Dark Stranger

He was so handsome.

Not at all what I would have expected or imagined. He had a cool, dark elegance to him, like a full moon on a clear dark sky, he captivated me in a way I could never have prepared myself for.

I was frozen.

A bit enthralled.

My heart quickened, and then it seemed to stop. It was as though I should have been holding my breath, but I didn’t. It came slow and steady as time slowed around me.

The traffic stopped and all the calls and voices of the people around me sharpened painfully, then blurred. Then that all disappeared.

Every thing was silent, the only sound that could be heard was the constant ringing in my ears. It both troubled and soothed me.

As everything around me turned into nothing, all I could do was stare at him.

His eyes though, held a comforting sympathy. His large, strong hands clasped before him as he stood slightly behind everyone. So dark and prominent, yet somehow fading.

His hair was both dark and light, the sun seemed to toy with each individual strand in the thick mass. He was like a black fox nestled deep beneath the freshest winter snow as blizzard wind blew, robbing her of breath. It was an illusion to the eye that demanded closer inspection.

His skin, though pale, showed a dewy life. A life that I knew, even as I questioned all that I had ever thought to know, was just that.

He was so still.

So handsome and so still.

The pain was immeasurable, my mind unable to process it fully, decided instead to push it all away and focus instead on him.

The feeling in the darkest depths of my belly was impossible to accurately describe. Like a heavy weight, I felt the painful pressure of my ominous situation; yet there was a weightless relief that continuously battled it.

I looked up at the sky.

The sun was setting, right on time as though it didn’t notice the handsome man there, didn’t feel the pull of his strength that whispered he could change everything.

Nothing changed, yet everything did.

A quiver shook my lip as the handsome man took a slow, calculated step towards me. Each step was like a dance to be marvelled at. Each move like art.

Dark and elegant.


Weariness overtook me; it shook through me and caused chills to move up and down my spine. I should have felt terror, I should have felt anything. Yet an emptiness filled my body and most of my thoughts.

The only thoughts dancing in the emptiness were thoughts of the handsome stranger; so dark and elegant and so unlike what I had thought he would be.

He did not drop to his knees, did not come to me on the floor, instead I felt myself weightlessly rise up to meet him.

His thin lips were grim as they parted slowly and my name dripped from them.

My lips were cold, my teeth chattering as the word stayed frozen in my swollen throat.

He waited, waited for me to swallow past the lump in my throat, to drag my tongue and it’s warms over my lips so they could part and address him.

“Death.” I said finally.


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