Always Fighting-No Name Girl Teaser

Her knee pressed into the back of Sasha’s neck as she brought her fist down on the side of her foe’s face, hoping to minimize her struggle. Her flailing arms faltered for a moment, pausing, before she kicked angrily on the ground.

            Pressing her whole weight into her adversary’s neck, she waited until she surrendered.

            Stubborn and egotistical, Sasha Aleksandr refused to submit.

            Through grit teeth, Sasha looked up at her through slits in her eyes. “Do it, go on then.” She laughed. “Nothing you do here will change who you are, what you are. You’re a worthless little orphan. No matter who you beat, no matter where you run or who you become, deep down, you’ll always be that. Only that!” She laughed again. “Little orphan.” She repeated in English.

            Sasha’s words didn’t cut her. She was a little orphan, and she would always be a little orphan.

            Linking her fingers under Sasha’s chin, she pressed her knees between her shoulder blades and pulled back. “So.” She replied.


Full Chapter will be up on Saturday! Hope you’ll come back for it!


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