Twee- No Name Girl Teaser

Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, a shiver running down her spine.

            Her wince was just a subtle jerk of her cheek as she sucked in a breath of surprise, sending sharp pain through her tender ribs. The man across the street she had spent all afternoon following faded into the background.

            Her heart beat slow, but heavily in her chest as she looked at the tall man standing next to a short, but visibly fit woman with her hair piled in thick twists on top of her head and skin the color of rich mahogany.

            The shape of his jaw, the stern look in his eyes and the crooked nose all seemed familiar, but not as familiar as deep, pink jagged scar across his cheek. It started at the lobe of his left ear and ran into the corner of his mouth.

            Older now, and much taller; he could seem like a completely different person, but not to her.


New Chapter will be up on Saturday. Hope you come back for more!


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