Drie- No Name Girl Teaser

Listening, she waited until he was half way to his room before coming up behind the woman she now knew was Aleksandr’s number three. Drawing the large hunting blade out from her belt, she came up behind her and pressed the sharp, jagged blade against her throat. Pulling her back against her, she waited for Twee to turn around, to see how well tuned his senses were.

            Drie’s gasp has him turning, his eyes locking on her for a moment.

            She spoke in Dutch, hoping it would bring back the memories that had been branded into her very soul. “Aleksandr couldn’t be bothered to come and collect the body of his daughter himself.”

            A muscle in his cheek flexed for a moment, as his eyes seemed to burn with recognition and hate. “Een.” He hissed.

            “Where is Aleksandr?” She asked him.


Come back on Saturday for the full chapter!


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