Aleksandr- No Name Girl Teaser

He chuckled, low at first until his laughter shook through his shoulders. Turning suddenly, he flew across the room, his fist connecting with Twee’s cheek sending him to the floor in a crumpled heap. “I do recall telling you to bring me back two bodies. Was that not clearly expressed to the two of you when you left?”

“Yes sir.” Twee quickly got to his feet. He had moved so quickly, his limp almost undetectable in his annoyance.

“Someone killed my daughter. Someone out there had the audacity to strike at Aleksandr and that kind of insolence will not be tolerated. So tell me, why is there only one box?”

“We were wrong.” Twee began, knowing those words alone could light the fire in Aleksandr once more. “We searched thinking it was a matter of money, a deal gone bad but it wasn’t.”

Saying nothing, a muscle jerked in his cheek hinting at his impatience.

“It was Een.”

The new chapter will be up on Saturday. Hope you come back!


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