Good Intentions

She had always been a good person.

Running her forearm along her sweat covered brow, she reached down and pulled the cobblestone into place. “One stone, two stones,” She sang to herself. Her voice was hoarse, melancholy. “Three and four stones.” She laughed maniacally.

She liked to always give people the benefit of the doubt, liked to try and see the good in people. She held her tongue instead of spreading negativity, she liked to tell people they would win even if she believed in the pit of her stomach they wouldn’t.

Her life was not perfect, she had her grey days. Yet, she never let anyone else see them, never let them feel the way she did if she could help it.

Sighing, she groaned as she lifted another heavy cobblestone and pulled it into place above the other.

She was a good person, so much so that she would never have admitted to as much. Now, admitting such things seemed frivolous. She could scream it as loud as she wanted, until her throat felt as though it would bleed. No one would ever hear her.

Not here.

Her life was a chore. She always forced a smile, hugged people she hated. Opened her life to people she would much rather slam the door on.

She was a good person. “Five and six stones…”

Heat burned her cheeks. The hair on the back of her neck matted to her skin, beads of sweat pooled on the top of her lip. The heat was almost unbearable as she crawled over on her hands and knees, pulling another stone into place.

She was paving the way. If she could see where she was now, as the person she had lived as, she would laugh in disbelief.

She had been laying stone for hours, maybe months. She couldn’t tell anymore. Lifting her hands, she looked at her fingers. The tips were blackened, her hands shaking.

Getting to her feet, she swayed as the heat plagued her. Her lids drooped for a moment as she looked down at her work. The cobblestone was already covered in the soot that rained down from the blackness above. Lifting her face, she closed her eyes and let the flakes of soot dot her face.

Opening her eyes, the flames reflected in them as she looked ahead.

“I guess it’s true what they say.” She sighed as her chest heaved. “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”


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