Harrison King

His very first breath caused her heart to flutter in a way she never thought was possible. His swollen eyes had opened and closed so slowly, rolling slightly as they struggled to take everything in. His ten little fingers wrapped around her own and she knew she had finally gotten everything she wanted.

Harrison Aldrich King.

Her son.

Meredith’s son would be exactly as she was. He would want for nothing. Everything and anything his little heart desired would be his no sooner than he would ask for it. She would make sure of it, just as her late father had done for her.

On the most special day in her entire life, lying in the hospital giving birth, she would have thought her mother would have made an appearance. Diana Remington had told her to her face she wanted nothing more to do with her daughter. The two of them had never really gotten along, and that was a fate she refused for her and her son.

They would be thick as thieves, the two of them. Meredith and Harrison against the world. She would do everything in her power to be sure of it.

Vincent had very little say in the way she raised her son. “Meredith, dear. You spoil him. Telling the boy ‘no’ every now and again would be good for him. It will help him build character. Do you think my father went around giving me everything I asked for?”

As strong and powerful as she wanted her dear Harrison to be, she would never deny him anything. “He will develop his character when the time comes.”

Sighing, Vincent shook his head. “Honestly Meredith, the boy is terrorizing this house. He would strive from some discipline.”

Ignoring her husband, she sought out her son.

Vincent had his own agenda in mind. He may have Meredith believing she pulled all the strings in their life, it was easier that way, but he would not have his son becoming the spoiled beast she had turned out to be.

Walking quickly down the hall, he found his son and quickly pulled him into a room. With a finger to his lips, he gestured for his son to be quiet while they took the back stairs down to the garage and hopped in his car for a drive.

Harrison was still young, only seven, but he felt it was due time to show him how enriched his life really was.

Driving out to the middle of the slums, he slowed his Aston Martin and pointed out the window to his boy. Harrison had lived a sheltered life. He had gone from his Yorkshire mansion to his Ivy League private school, to his preppy play dates with Blue Blood friends of the family. His eyes were so closed, and it bothered Vincent to no end.

“Why is everyone dirty?” Harrison asked him.

“Because not everyone who lives in this neighbourhood has a home, so they scarcely get an opportunity to bathe.” He stated

“Not everyone has a home? Why not?” His ignorance was innocent, but of their own design.

“Your mother has always had the luxury of money. She comes from a long line of people who at one time were considered next to nobility. Their treasures were so plentiful that they got passed down the line, and there is still enough money to continue passing it on for some time without them ever having to worry. My family has always worked hard. My father’s father was the son of a farmer. They had very little money and had to work very hard all hours of the day to afford to keep their house.”

“Grandpa King couldn’t afford to keep his house?”

Vincent nodded. “It was a struggle. Every day they got up before the sun and worked in the fields until the sun had already gone to bed. My father took a second job hunting at night and selling the meats so he could afford to go away to school and become a lawyer. He started his own practice and soon, that practice was worth millions of dollars. No matter how much money my father made, he never spoiled me. Do you know why?”

Harrison lifted his shoulders.

“Because although money can build you anything you want, it can’t build your soul. Hard work teaches you to appreciate things, appreciation teaches you compassion and empathy. These are the things that make a good man, whether he is rich or poor.”

Looking out the window again, Harrison frowned. “I want to be a good man, dad.”

Nodding, Vincent started the car and began driving home. “There is nothing I want more in this world, than for you to be a good man.”



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