Meredith’s Dreams

Through her life, she had often heard people speak about their dreams and their passions. She would watch as their faces lit up as they discussed them, so enthralled in every moment as they stood just before the path that led to them, unable to take the first step.

Their lack of pursuit always puzzled her. If you were so passionate why didn’t you follow your dreams? Why not chase after them until they were caught? After they were caught, hold onto them as tightly as you could.

So many faces were carved with lines of disappointment as those dreams got further and further from reach, the years left to chase after them limited, the time all filled up.

Since the day she had dreamed her dreams, she had been so close to grabbing hold of them.


She had decided at a very young age that she would be an artist and surround herself with the most beautiful and moving artwork in the world. Once she had decided this, her father had gotten her a tutor and she was already well on her way.

As her hands began to feel each stroke of the brush, her heart beating as she mixed the colours and her mind bringing to life her pieces, another dream wiggled its way in. She wanted a son. One like her father who doted after her when her cold mother was busy pursuing other things. One who was ambitious and powerful.

Her art tutor would have been a fine specimen. He had the chiselled jaw that would make women swoon, the passion that could move even a heart made of stone, and the body… she would often bite down on her bottom lip as she painted, casting him glances as she admired his tight and perfect body.

Meredith was someone who always got what she wanted. Soon enough, their bodies became the art, her bed the canvas. How he could create a masterpiece with her could make her sigh just thinking about it.

After closer inspection, she decided he was not the one. Although handsome, passionate and most definitely someone she could see herself loving, he lacked the power and presence she wanted in a husband. She wanted the kind of husband that could get results from someone with a single glare.

Like her father.

And just like that she was in pursuit of another dream. She began going to functions with her father, seeking out what she was looking for. It wasn’t until a boring meeting with her father’s lawyer, that she saw him.

He was visiting home from college and had accompanied his father to her house to deliver some paperwork and discuss ‘options’. He was tall, handsome enough, great jaw line, but all of that could have easily been overlooked. It was his stance that had her inching closer to her father’s office so she could peer through the slightly opened door. The way he stood with one hand in his pocket, slightly turned away from the two gentlemen. He spoke only once in a while, his words precise.

This man radiated with power, and even then, at only seventeen, she knew he was going to be her husband, whether he liked it or not.

Waiting for the meeting to end, she approached her father. “Who was that?”

His brow furrowed, he stepped out of his office and threw his arms over her shoulder, pulling her into him as they walked down the hallway. “Thomas King? You’ve met my lawyer before, darling.”

“No. Who was he with, daddy?”

“Ah.” He nodded slowly, realizing what she was asking. “His son Vincent. Clever lad, going to be following in his father’s footsteps. Already head of his class at Harvard Law, graduated Elementary and High School Early.” He smiled. “Thomas couldn’t be more over the moon about his son.” He laughed. “For good reason.”

“Invite them to dinner, father.”

Pausing, he looked down at her. “What for, darling?”

Meredith smiled up at him like a cat who was looking up at its master with a mouse between its teeth. “I think you know why, daddy.”

Letting out a sigh, he grabbed onto her again and continued walking. “Vincent King is a lovely choice, Meredith. I think we should most definitely invite him to dinner.”



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