A Waking Dream

Sparrow practically held her breath as she hurried to the elevators, Vincent in tow. She felt like her heart was about to explode in her chest as her mind reeled.

Harrison King had popped back up in her life after all these years. How often had she tossed and turned, this same scenario playing out in her head over and over again, night after night. She had the whole scene written out, the dialogue was lengthy, it was heated but it poured all the ramblings of her soul out, setting them free to fill the space between them as they stood there looking at one another. Her chest would heave as she stood there completely out of breath and she would feel her chin wrinkle as she choked on the sob lodged in her throat.

The relief she felt would be immeasurable. Her anger and disappointment all these years had been what held her up, the very legs that supported the table of herself. Once they were gone, she would crumble.

Banging her fist against the button, she cursed under her breath.

Vincent raised a hand and pressed it between her shoulder blades. It steadied her more than she thought anything could in that moment.

Laughing aloud in disbelief, she turned to look at him, but said nothing.

“That must have really knocked you on your ass.” He said.

Sparrow laughed again. “It’s a little surreal. I can’t believe how calm I managed to be…” She felt like she had just made it out of something unthinkable as she forced herself to stand straight, to swallow the tightness in her throat and move past it all.

Vincent whistled and wiggled his brows at her. “That Rachel though… what a piece of word.”

Groaning, she shook her head. “I am not getting involved in Harrison’s love life.”

Nodding, he clasped his hands behind his back. “You know  from as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been able to tell the difference between a weed and a flower. Just between us, I wouldn’t really consider it getting involved… would you consider Rachel a flower or a weed?”

Letting out an exasperated breath, she turned to look at Vincent. As her eyes went behind him, she closed them and tilted her head back, lifting her fists to the air and murmuring, “Why me?”

Harrison and Rachel walked up to them, standing awkwardly beside them as all four were forced to wait for the elevators.

Turning towards his son, Vincent forced a smile. “So, how are things?” He asked casually, trying to make light of the current situation. “How was your business trip to Istanbul?”

Shoving his hands in his pockets, his eyes never left Sparrow. “Good. I hear your new practice here in New York is doing wonderfully.”

Pursing his lips, he nodded. “Yes.” Clearing his throat he looked over at the leggy blonde who’s cheeks were still slightly flushed, her eyes were also locked on Sparrow. “Rachel, I hope you’re doing well.”

Sparrow laughed under her breath. “Jesus,” she murmured. It wasn’t anything against anyone here, but asking the woman who had just stormed into her hotel room to accuse her of having an affair with the man she was seeing if she was doing well just seemed ridiculous. She was obviously not doing well, if she were, she wouldn’t be standing here with them, waiting for this godforsaken elevator.

When they heard the familiar ding of an elevator door arriving they out let out the breath they had been holding. To her relief, two doors slid open.

They all stood there, waiting to see who would board each. Sparrow stepped into one, pulling Vincent in behind her. When Harrison followed them in, she shook her head. “No.” Pushing him out, she shoved him into the other elevator and gestured with her hand for Rachel to follow.

Brow raised, she awkwardly let Sparrow shepherd her in.

Walking back into the elevator with Vincent she pressed the door closed button a hundred times until the door closed and she could breathe again. “Fucking hell.” She said when the elevator started to descend to the lobby.

“That was… a train wreck.” Vincent agreed. “I could only imagine how awful it must have been standing in your hotel room when the two of them. Arguing… as usual.”

He was trying to bait her. She was no fool, and she could barely get enough air into her lungs to determine whether or not she was in the mood. All things considered, she thought it was a safe bet to just assume she wasn’t. “Thanks for the heads up, Vincent.”

“What?” His jaw dropped open.

“You haven’t seen Harrison in months and he just shows up at your fundraiser last night? You didn’t think that was something you should have mentioned to me in the car ride home?” Rubbing the palm of her hand along her forehead, she closed her eyes. “I have a headache.”

Wrapping his arm around her, he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “We’ll get some food in you, some caffeine, and we’ll do absolutely anything you want today.”

She laughed. In a strange way, with Vincent, it was as though no time had passed. When she was smaller and had a bad day it had been some kind of breakfast food, and ice cream and whatever she wanted to do that day.

As she stood there, she realized she wasn’t angry. It was something else, like seeing the person who had broken your heart after what felt like a lifetime. In your mind you feel like you’ll be mad, like you’ll lash out and make them feel exactly the way you did all that time ago. Instead, when the moment has passed and you survived it, you just feel… silence.

There was no other way to describe it. The voices that had been constantly playing out that moment in her mind had silenced, the dialogue was gone and she could hear the slow, steady beat of her heart for the first time in a long time.

Smiling, she looked up at Vincent. “We’re awake, right?”

Letting out a sigh, he squeezed her arm. “Unfortunately, love, unfortunately.”