The Dark Corner

We all have our dark days, some more than others. Someone once told me that you can tell how weathered your soul truly is on how dark you can get on a bad day. There is something about a soul that has been to places, travelled through time and shouldered hardships that blinds them to such frivolous things as rainbows and silver linings.

Opening yourself to creativity is leaving the door slightly ajar for darkness to get in.

To create is to open yourself up to the blades of failure, or torment.

But to close yourself off to creativity, to turn a blind eye to the urge to create something that moves people beyond measure… that is madness. I would rather cast myself into the throes of my dark creativity than walk away from it.

In darkness I have clarity.

In the dark corner of my mind that constantly murmurs ‘What if…?’ In a menacing tone I can not silence or answer, I have freedom.

In darkness I am better able to understand myself and all that I have walked away from and dare to walk towards.

In darkness…

Sometimes I live.